May 15 2023
Team expansion

In 2023 Mad Hook Expanded the team to 23 employees, This talent..

Aug 01 2021
Our First Training..

Mad Hook opened its first training program to train new graduates so they can join the game indus..

Jan 18 2021
Expanded the Team ..

 After graduating from the CORE incubator Mad Hook moved to a new office and expanded the te..

Dec 31 2020
3.4M Monthly Activ..

By the End of 2020 Mad Hook expanded to new markets and scaled multiple titles and their monthly ..

Sep 09 2020
New Hit [Rooftop R..

Mad Hook released Rooftop Run, a hyper casual game that reached to ranks in many countries includ..

Dec 21 2019
Graduated From Ind..

Mad Hook graduated from Google indie game accelerator after 6 months of mentorship from google me..

Jun 14 2019
Google Indie-Game

Out of 1700 applications, Mad Hook was one of the 30 selected indie developers to join Google ind..

Jan 22 2019
Core Incubator

Mad Hook Joined The CORE@htu incubator to accelerate company growth and scaled the team to six pe..

Nov 13 2018
The Chase Released..

The chase is a casual racing game that features funny characters, the goal of the game is to run ..

Oct 30 2018
Released Our First..

Two weeks later after the launch of Mad Hook, our first game was released, it was called arabian ..

Oct 18 2018
Mad Hook Started

On cup of coffee Hazim Al-Hanbali and Ibrahim Al-Hasan decided to co-found Mad Hook, a game devel..